and then she snapped: embrace the camera

embrace the camera

I'm linking up with EMBRACE the CAMERA today, showing a photo which includes myself (taken at my Grama's 92nd birthday party on Sunday).

Embrace the fact that I am was obviously on vicodin.
Embrace my sweater I got for $5.38.
$5.38 people!
Embrace my brother Lars, and my seester, Clare.
Embrace my super cool camera strap (and then go buy your own!)


  1. So, do you know anymore link ups for photographs? I'm trying to find one Mon-Fri. I'd like to challenge myself to blog more & link up with other people more but all I got is weds. so far.

  2. I got the same sweater(except mine is pink and gray) at Target for the same price. I love the clearance rack! Camera strap is cute too.

  3. lol I love the pic, vicodin and all! Stopping by from Embrace the Camera

  4. Very fun photo! Hope you Grandma had a wonderful birthday!!

  5. Great shot. I love that sweater. I got the same one on sale but it is pink and grey. :)

  6. Cleaver you, when your hair looks this good you can be hi as a kite and still look ab fab!

  7. Of course there's a wine glass in this picture. :)

  8. love it! Awesome steal! You look HAWT in it! :)


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