and then she snapped: dear charlie, you're TWO!

dear charlie, you're TWO!

Dear Charlie,

I literally cannot believe that you are TWO years old. You are totally a genius, probably because I let you watch lots of TV and play lots of games on your ipod.

You talk more than any other two year old I know. And I can’t remember for sure, but I’m pretty sure you talk more than your sister did at your age, and that is saying something. You are constantly amazing me (not to mention cracking me up) with your vacabulary. Just today you were wandering around after lunch singing “No NAP, Mommy” over and over, until I put you down for a nap. You insist on TWO blankies at nap, as well as baby, and monkey, and turtle, and little doggie, and big doggie, and cow, and...WAIT just a minute, have you mastered STALLING?! You almost had me there, dude, but I am catching on to you.

We’ve been gearing up for your birthday party and you always always always say that you want to “wear birthday hat (on) my head”, and you want balloons, and you want to “eat donuts”. Which, I think we can do. You only turn two once so I think we will go ahead and splurge for the donuts, balloons, AND birthday hats this year, since I’m thinking when you’re sixteen it might cost a little more to keep you happy.

You love to “play choo choo train cars, mommy”
You love to “read ‘nother book mommy”
You love to “jump high” from the ottoman to the couch
You love to drink “hot milk”
You love to say “come, come”
You love to “I ride my bike”
You love to “eat lunch” (even if it’s breakfast or dinner)
You love to eat a “treat” which means you want a sucker, pretty much every time you get in a shopping cart
You love to play with other kids
You love to “call Nanny”

I just love watching how your mind works. It’s funny seeing your mind working and your mouth trying to come up with the words you are trying to say. I know I say it all. the. time...but it’s pretty darn cute.

When you wake up in the morning you yell, “mommy, mommy, mommy” over and over and over again until I come get you up. The second I open your door you stop yelling and say, “Hi, Mommy!” which instantly melts my heart and has the effect of making me forget that you’ve been yelling my name for 50 minutes. See, I told you you were a genius.

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

I love love love you,
Love, Mom


  1. Happy Birthday Charlie! He sounds like a really fun kid!!

  2. Charlie, have a wonderful birthday full of hats and donuts! Enjoy!

  3. That is so sweet, and MAN he is so cute! And really smart! That is a lot of words!

  4. Happy Birthday to Charlie! Such a cutie!!

  5. Happy Birthday, Charlie! :D

    Two year olds are so much fun. :)

  6. Charlie my sweet friend - two words for the two year old, MAPLE BAR. Oh, and two more, Happy Birthday!!!!!!

    Love , Annie & Co.

  7. what font is your header? It's really cute!

  8. Happy birthday, Charlie!!

    his birthday buddy Griffin

  9. "Happy Birthday Cake Charlie!" love Eva-monster.

  10. Happy birthday Charlie. Hope this is the year I actually meet you!!

  11. I just found your blog and I love it. I'm pretty sure if I met your little boy - I would love him too.

  12. I love the sweet picture. Sitting here with a gangly teenager missing those days.

    Happy birthday sweet Charlie!

  13. Aw this is lovely and it makes me think I have all this to come as my daughter has just turned one! x

  14. Look at those beautiful cheeks! Just wanna squeeeze them :)
    Lovely photo and Happy Birthday to your boy.

  15. Yay! Happy birthday Charlie! I wish we could eat donuts with you :(


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