and then she snapped: before and after master suite

before and after master suite

You must know by now that I love these before and after house style posts. I hope you enjoy them too! So this time we're in the master bedroom...

This is the master bedroom BEFORE (aka when the old owners lived here, circa 2007).  The walls were a nice warm wheat color, but the ceiling was a darker green that we didn't like.

We took down that ugly valance and curtains and built a wall there...on the other side of the wall is now Charlie's room!

Here you get to see that lovely white bathroom tile fireplace surround that I detest do not understand.

Since we moved in we've painted the bedroom (twice). The ceiling is now Pratt and Lambert Silver Lining (aka WHITE) and the walls are Pratt and Lambert Gunnel. I love love love this color. It is the perfect bluish-grayish-greenish. We also switched out all the door hardware from brass to oil rubbed bronze (in the master bedroom and bathroom alone there are five doors!), and changed out the carpet.

I don't really like these curtains and actually today (after I took these photos) I bought some new ones at target that look kind of like burlap. I think I like them, but they still aren't long enough, so I'm debating if I should maybe get those little curtains rings to hang them with instead, which would add a couple of inches, which could be perfect. (Edited to add: Done!)

Yes, the tile is still there. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with it! But I switched out the large bookcase that was in that funky cubby with a smaller dresser and I like it much better. How about you? (Click here to remember what it looked like before).

We moved the bookcase over here and made a little sitting area. Somebody help me with what to do with all those cords? Maybe don't buy open side tables? Ooops.

And I'm still not very good at hanging things on my walls. I am definitely getting better though.

Next up is our bathroom. This is the before.
It was a chartreuse color (more green than this photo suggests). And here's the other side of the eyesore fireplace. I love this chandelier, but the previous owners took it with them. : (

Haha! Look at Chris hitting on our realtor! Also, our shower door is nowhere near that clean anymore!
PS Notice that that is CARPET on the floor. IN THE BATHROOM! Gross.

Hey! there's me! Before I got a big girl camera. And OMG, is that Chris' PHONE in a nerdy phone holder? HAHAHA!

When we moved in we (Chris) painted the bathroom an "oatmeal" color, but just last week we (our friend and painter, Dan) painted it my favorite Pratt and Lambert Gunnel (same as the bedroom). I love how it looks like a spa.

I've never been in that tub.

We added knobs to the cabinets. I would LOVE to change out that butt ugly light fixture.

No more carpet! We replaced the carpet with tile. Well, we hired somebody else to do it, because we are not that DIY. (Even though sometimes we pretend). I plan to change out the green towels with white, to go along with the spa theme. And because I like buying new towels.

Dan forgot to paint the little room with the toilet when he was here last week, so it is still the oatmeal color. But now I'm thinking I kind of like the contrast. What do you think?

So there you have it! What do you think? Anything you love? Anything you'd suggest I do differently?

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  1. What's weird is that I've always wanted carpet in my bathroom. Bathroom floors always feel so cold and wet on my feet. Carpet would be nice and warm. My Husband wouldn't go for carpet, though. Ha ha. Love the colors on your walls! We recently painted our bedroom to a color that was SUPPOSED to be similar to that (but a little lighter). Once the paint dried, it ended up looking more like a baby blue. Ugh. Oh well!!

  2. Why have you never used that tub?! I really love what you have done with this room...and your whole house! I think it's all very coordinated and nice, without being too stiff and formal. Good work!

  3. Carpet in bathrooms should be against the law! LOVE your style. Everything looks fab, & your bedroom wall color is perfect! You really need to use that lovely tub mama. Seriously!

  4. Ohhh that (almost) Duckegg colour is wonderful -- one of my fave shades too.
    A defo improvement! ;-)
    jennie. x

  5. LOVE. Also? I have that bird pillow, too. ;) Love Target!

  6. I love that blue!!!!! So gorgeous!

  7. Love it...and I would love a fireplace like yours in our bedroom OR bath!! And....use the tub!!! We have a huge jacuzzi tub and separate shower in our master bedroom, love it!!!!

  8. YOUVE NEVER USED YOUR TUB!? I would kill for a spa like bathroom/tub like that!!! Your bedroom looks so comfy too!!

  9. Dan and I are laughing about him forgetting to paint the toilet room. HAHAHA. WHOOPS! He really has a special brain. But, I like the contrast -- and I'm not just saying that.

  10. Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I have a tub just like that! LOVE IT! Still debating what color to paint the bathroom and what light fixtures to get. I will definitely replace the door hardware- it goes better with out color scheme than the shiny gold!
    For your cords- you can unplug them and get something dull and thin to stuff them down into the floor boards and help keep them straight and neat : )

  11. Dang. There ARE a lot of doors in there. If you pick out a light fixture, I can help you change it. I totally know how. Just did two new ones in our bonus room.

  12. What a makeover!! And an idea for your curtains, I made some for our house from Painters drop cloth, they are nice and long and look like linen. Here is the link: I actually just moved them from this room to our bedroom this morning. THey are nice and airy!

  13. It looks fantastic! I am so excited for you! New rooms are awesome!

  14. i agree with Lindsy. I like the contrast of the toilet room. It looks great, Rachel!

  15. I really like the colors you chose! It looks very relaxing and resort-like!! I really like your big window!

  16. Oh man those are great! And I looooove that wall color! Your room is relaxing for sure! And in response to your question - Tillicum's about 5 miles from Tacoma (between Lakewood and Fort Lewis) so ya! We should get together!! :)

  17. Yes, I definitely love something in this post. I love Chris chilling in the closet pretending not to look at realtor lady's boobs.

  18. Love the contrast ... and yes, its very much like a spa room. We have a huge corner tub, my interaction with it appears to be merely cleaning the thing!

  19. So amazing! I love the walls as well. I am currently planning a bedroom makeover using light blue and chocolate brown. Light blue walls for sure! Looks great!

  20. What a lovely room! The flooring makes the master bedroom look cozy and the bathroom tiles are so neat and appropriate.

  21. I would've bought that house just for the two sided fireplace. A fireplace near the bathtub is kind of awesome! I found your blog through your daughter's blog and you have an amazing story. I look forward to reading more.


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