and then she snapped: what camden said

what camden said

Here's the scene:

Just Camden and I are in the car, rocking out to a little Beiber Christmas (specifically THIS song wherein I thought Justin Bieber sounded a lot like Mariah Carey only to find out it actually IS Mariah Carey, thank God), when I hear fake vomiting noises coming from the backseat.

"Mom, I hate this, turn it off," (followed by more wretching and fake vomiting noises).

A minute later:

"Actually, this is pretty catchy!"

(You guys, it totally is catchy...especially THIS song, Shorty)


  1. For a second there I wanted to give Camden a high 5 for not wanting mom to listen to Beiber!!

  2. my husband and I just watched the Justin Beiber documentary on Sunday and we can't help but love that guy. can't stop the beiber fever.

  3. oooh, i'm chair-dancin to that clip on! I guess I have bieber fever, too!

  4. Beiber is like that lol.. He will get in your head and stay there.

  5. Someone needs to inform Bieber that he's white.

  6. Haha this is great blackmail, don't you think?! ;) I agree though, some of his tunes will grow on you!

  7. I'll stick to my old school "Rat Pack Christmas" Wow I feel old :)

  8. I live about an hour away from where "The Biebs" grew up. ;)

    That song with Mariah is definitely catchy!

    Don't think I'll be buying the cd anytime soon, though. ;)


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