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show off your shot

Welcome back to show {off} your shot! I'm so glad you're here!
A few of my favorite show offs from last week are (in no particular order):

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Last weekend Grace and I went up to Seattle with aunts and girl cousins for a morning of shopping! One of my other cousins made the vinyl decorations on this window at the Nordstrom skybridge, so of course I had to set down my latte and take a photo. It was a great day. Cold, but no rain, which is the best we can hope for around here this time of year! Grace and I left the others around lunchtime and headed to Ikea (WHAT?!) I know, crazy. But it wasn't even that difficult since we didn't have any boys with us. We finished off the day with a quick stop at Target and then met the boys for dinner at Masa. Mmmm, we love Masa.
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and then, she {snapped}

Ready?  GO, and  show {off} your shot!


  1. wow all that in one day! Sounds the black Friday shopping we did.

  2. What a fun trip. I really like the photo (color to fade processing) and a small look at a big city! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. Such an awesome shot - have a great weekend.

  4. So jealous. All us Jones girls used to do a "Shop til we Drop" at Bellevue Square the weekend before Thanksgiving. It was me, my sister Barb, sister in laws Polly and Nancy, nieces Erin, Wendy and Maureen and eventually great niece Emily. We would do a lot of laughing and eating AND we would all get most of our shopping done!! I miss that time with them but I am the one who moved away so I guess it is my fault!!

    On another note - did you know I used to take your auntie Margaret and M'lis downtown with me (on the bus) to go shopping? I was in my early teens and they were like 4 and 8!! We would have such fun!

  5. Oh a day of shopping AND a trip to Ikea. You are speaking my language. What a cool job - making pretty decorations for windows!

  6. What a great photo. It puts me in mind of christmas without being to christmassy.

  7. Ahhh... Shopping in Seattle is the best! Very cool shot!

  8. Cold and no rain is the best we can hope for and I have been enjoying it :o). I love the colors and the perspective in your photo! Thank you for sharing!

  9. i like your pic! i swear we're on that skybridge once a week at least... joaquin loves the skybridge and his pregnant mama loves the salmon niçoise salad at the nordy's cafe. :)


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