and then she snapped: shooting the moon

shooting the moon

I'm currently taking Kent Weakley's Night Photography class, and so far, I have NOT been a good student. I've been too busy thinking about Christmas, and watching TV, and NOT taking pictures. I did however, TRY shooting the moon when it was full the other night, and I came across a couple of problems:

1. My longest lens only goes to 135mm, so I really can't get close enough to the moon without some serious post processing cropping. I think I really need about 300mm to get something that looks like a moon.

2. I just haven't been really motivated to do nighttime photography this time of year. It's cold out! I am enjoying watching the lessons though, and I'm taking notes so that when it's not dark at 4:00 and mid 30 degrees that maybe I'll get up the motivation to practice some of the lessons!

Here are a couple sorry attempts at shooting the moon the other night. I don't love either of them.

ISO 100 | f/6.3 | 1/15 sec
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ISO 100 | f/6.3 | 2.5 sec


  1. I love your honesty! Enjoy your TV watching! :)

    I like to read about how to photograph certain things before I attempt it. I figure why reinvent the wheel? :) You can choose to stop reading now if you'd like but I thought I'd pass along what I've learned ... shooting the moon when it is full is actually not the best time. 3/4 full is better because you can actually see some detail along the edges. Of course, with a 135mm you're probably still not going to see that detail. I've shot with a 200mm lens and gotten decent photos. I did have to crop them though. Also here's some basic settings to try ... ISO 200, f/11, 1/125s.

    Shutting up now. And going to watch that video. :)

  2. The first pictured turned out great! :)


  3. I am taking that same class-love it but am also thinking that it may not have been great timing to take it... I am going to do some blue hour shots in West Seattle sometime over the break... so cool and I love the info and how he presents it.

  4. i HAVE THE SAME ISSUE WITH MY 200 lens still can't get close as I want too thinking of getting a tube extender for shots like that..

  5. Those are gorgeous! Last month at the full moon I tried to photograph it and spent 45 minutes outside until I figured it out! Trial and error is how I learn! Well done you on your great shots!

  6. I think tha both of your photos came out great. My faveorite of the two is the one that you took of the moon peeking through the tree leaves. Your right about being out in 30 degree weather trying to get photos of the moon. It's too cold. :)


  7. I've been meaning to shoot the ooh for a while now.. But I'm with ya... Too cold!


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