and then she snapped: favorite things party

favorite things party

A few of my girlfriends and I had our second annual favorite things party this week. What's a favorite things party, you ask? Well it's a gift exchange, of...our favorite things! Last year we each brought one of our favorite things and then exchanged that way (I think we drew numbers or something). This time we got all Oprah and brought multiples of our favorite things so that we each gave to each other.

What did I get?
  • some awesome flip flops that are made from yoga mats
  • a super cozy cable knit blanket with fleece on the back. pretty, AND cozy! my family has been fighting over this since I brought it home.
  • a glassybaby
 What did I give?

Last year we partied at my house, and we invited our husbands. This year it was just us girls, at a fancy restaurant where we got all fancied up, drank fancy wine, and ate fancy food.

Sulee, Annie, Jenny, and me.
nikon, nikon, canon, nikon ; )

My dress? TJMaxx, $19.99!!
linking up with Mandy for stepping out saturday (on a Thursday, whatevs)

My dinner? petit filet mignon wrapped in bacon, BACON!, baked potato, spaghetti squash, side of ONION ring? yes, PLEASE!
It is four days later and I am still dreaming about this dinner. It was THAT good.
also, it was way more than $19.99. ; )

Have you ever been to a favorite things party?
Or had a meal that you seriously can't stop thinking about?


  1. I have to ask ..what is a glass baby? I love the colors of all of them but are they just dishes?

  2. What fabulous gifts! I love to give glassy babies. They warm people's hearts. I also love that you live in Tacoma and I can eat that fabulous looking dinner. Where did you go? I love me some spaghetti squash. And bacon. Of course.

  3. @Yvonne...glassybabies are candle holders. they look so pretty with a votive in them.
    @Katie...we ate dinner at Fircrest Golf Club. Find a member to take you there, and order the filet. SERIOUSLY.

  4. Rachel, this is the best party idea! I might have to steal it from ya? LOVE your $19.99 dress. LOVE me some Ross too.) You all looked beautiful!

    Girl is I ever get my big girl camera... I am so ordering a fabulous strap from you.) XO

  5. Love the dress. Cute and a deal. That dinner looks great.

  6. You all looks so pretty! Nothing better than hanging out with the girls. And what a great idea to plan an event about your favorite things!

  7. Love having Favorites parties! You guys look awesome!!

  8. My husband and I had a phenomenal meal at Carmelita in Seattle back in 2007. I still think about it several times a week. It was the most expensive and most delicious meal I've ever eaten and it was worth every penny.
    It sounds like you and the ladies had fun and you all look great!

  9. Super pretty ladies. And super pretty dinner. Go meat!

  10. how fun!! I think I might have to do this sometime!

  11. you all looked beautiful, and obiously had a wonderful time!

  12. I've never heard of a Favorite Things party......that sounds so fun! And you all looked fabulous!!

  13. Thanks Besties...LOVE all of my new favorite stuff! xoxo


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