and then she snapped: dear charlie

dear charlie

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Dear Charlie,
23 months old, dude.
We just had Christmas and it was so so fun with you. You got the hang of opening gifts pretty quickly and in no time at all you were asking anybody who would listen, "more presents, please?" You got a really annoying Lightening McQueen chair from Mimi and Papa that I've threatened to return, because you know, it doesn't really "go" in the family room, AND it makes noise. Santa brought you your own laptop so you can check your email, and it also alerts you when there is a "new blog entry". And me and Dad got you your very own bike, because around here we like to start that addiction early. We got a balance bike (it doesn't have pedals) and so far you seem to like it.

You are talking ALL THE TIME and your vocabulary seems crazy huge, especially since you're not even TWO yet! You also enjoy singing Jingle Bells (which, for the record sounds NOTHING like Jingle Bells). And you love love love watching (Fresh) "Beat Band" on demand. You've got some sweet dance moves.

Mimi got a new iPhone and gave you and me her old one, which you have quickly become addicted to. Your favorite "game" is the Lego Duplo Jams. The first thing you say every morning (after "hi mommy!") is "new game please mommy"?

You are a happy kid. But you've also learned how to whine. Let's not do that ok? Like right now, you're sitting next to me, watching Nemo, playing your iPod and periodically whining, "more miiiiilk please, mommy?" But then you get sucked back into the movie or your game and forget about it for a minute.

You are wearing 2T pants, and 3T tops. Size 5 diapers. Size 8 shoes. You weigh about 30 pounds. My chunky little monkey naps about 2-3 hours each day after lunch and sleeps from about 7:30 to 7:00 each night. Pretty much perfect from head to toe.

I love love love you,
Love, Mom


  1. New follower here, love your blog! I do the "dear baby" letters too! They are the best!

  2. oh my gosh the whining with my 21 month old is out of control!! I feel yah there. He is too too cute though! Almost 2!

  3. Pretty much perfect post rachel. Hope you are cuddled up, eating popsicles.

  4. big christmas kisses to that super dude.

  5. Sweet photo! And beautiful letter to your boy!


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