and then she snapped: dare to try something new

dare to try something new

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I don't wear a lot of makeup. A little mascara, and lipgloss, and some neutral shadow is a normal makeup routine for me. But with the holidays coming there will be parties and opportunities to get all fancied up, so when I recently had a girls' night out with some of my besties I asked my sister to come over and help me do something a little different with my makeup.

I bought some liquid eyeliner because I really wanted to try the cat eye-liner look (even though I hate cats). My sister flaunts this feline look regularly so I knew if anybody could do it it would be her.

Oh, and PS, here's a tip I thought everyone already knew, but since my sister didn't I thought maybe there are others who don't either. Anyway, this little trick I do to curl my eyelashes: heat the eyelash curler up with your hairdryer before you curl your lashes, not too much though, maybe 10 seconds. It heats the metal of the curler and it acts like a mini curling iron for your eyelashes. Just be careful though, it can get too hot pretty quickly and you could burn yourself if you're not paying attention.

Don't worry, I'm not dead. I just don't have any lip color on yet. You're supposed to be looking at the eyes! I think they turned out well, definitely "pretty" and not "trashy" which I specified in my request. Some heavy-ish eyeliner, and more eyeshadow than I've ever worn in my life.

Oh hey, did you know I got bangs?

What's a makeup post without an awkward bathroom self-portrait?

So there you have it. What do you think? Do you have any go to holiday makeup tips? Have you tried anything new makeup wise recently? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Beautiful.

    I can never do the cat eye liner and I am so jealous of those who can. I recently just did a cute gold/cranberry look for the holiday’s and I love it.

  2. I’m a huge fan of Avon products and recently I started using mascara again and I love it. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and my favorite makeup tip that I picked up from Tori Spelling 100 years ago when she was doing a Christmas special with someone else was to only wear eye liner on your top lid. I tried it, love it, and I’ve done it that way every since. LOL

    Thanks for jogging my memory. You always look so fabulous in your pictures – you have a natural beauty.

  3. YOU'RE SO DAMN TRASHY...err... I mean, Classy! :)
    Glad the make up worked out - you looked great!

  4. Cat eyes, flat-ironed hair AND a super plunging neckline? Where did you all go? The fancy Target up in Bellevue? ;)

  5. LOVE it! :) Love the bangs & the new eyeliner, too. No, I didn't know the curler trick - will use that from now on!

  6. rocking those bangs girl!! :)

  7. Beautiful...and I love the new hair style!!

  8. Gorgeous, you look fabulous and the liner really makes your eyes pop :)

  9. Do you have an H-E-B where you live? I love when they have makeup on sale.. They had coupons for 50% some brand the other day and I stocked up!

    One thing I just tried and am addicted to is brown mascara.. Looks so much more natural and beautiful in my opinion. Before I was jet-black.. Now into nudes and naturals!

    You looking very pretty love!


  10. You look great! I do love your bangs!! I am such a make up wuss, that I just wear bare minerals foundation and mineral veil, mascara, blush, and lip gloss.

  11. oh that's a good "going out" look for you! I only wear a little makeup as well - I really like the Cover Girl liquid natural makeup, you know - the one that has the Taylor Swift commercial ;) it has really good coverage but a nice light feel.

  12. Love the bangs! Your eyes look fabulous. Every time I try it I look like I am trying to dress up for halloween... as a dead person - not as the super hot lady in the maids outfit.


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