and then she snapped: christmas 2011 rewind

christmas 2011 rewind

If you're easily offended by too many freaking Christmas pictures, look away, quick! If're in LUCK!
Drechsel family Christmas exchange at Chris' sister's house on the 21st...way to kick off Christmas!

Fast forward to Christmas Eve dinner at our house with Chris' parents, his brother (and family) and cousin Keith.

Christmas Eve candlelight service after dinner...with COUSINS!

 Christmas morning! 7 freaking am.

 Christmas brunch at our house. 10 am.

Christmas dinner at my mom's house. (where my camera battery died just as soon as we got there, so I stole some photos from my sister).

That's it! I hope you had a Merry Christmas too! And please do have a very safe and Happy New Year!


  1. Jealous you have your christmas photos up already! They are just sitting on my computer begging me to do something with them!

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful holiday!! Hope 2012 is great for you too!!

  2. Looks like a great Christmas with lots of time with family!

  3. Wow!! That's a lot of family fun!! Can't ever have too many photos for me!

  4. What the hell is Camden riding?

  5. LOVE big fat family photo posts! Looks like a Merry time was had by all!

  6. Definitely not offended by tons of Christmas photos, sooo sweet! THanks for a peak in on your holiday!

  7. Such sweet photos Rachel! Hahaaa..., but I kinda love the last one the most. I think he is afraid of Charlie! Lol.

  8. Now that is a lot of Christmas celebrations! Your family looks very fun!! Great shots!

  9. why oh whyyyy is that picture of my on christmas morning on the internet?


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