and then she snapped: thanksgiving, etc.

thanksgiving, etc.

The last time the Drechsel's had a photo of the whole family at the same time was taken when Camden was Charlie's age, so, I wanted to try and get a more recent one at brunch on Sunday. It didn't work.

I decided I don't like photos taken with a remote. At least large group photos. Too hard to keep everyone visible!

One more try. Then forget it. We need a real photographer!

These girls are easy to photograph. They are photogenic, and there are only three of them.

The next day Charlie was sick. And the next day after that. And the next day after that. Thank God for a new Curious George holiday special that we DVR'd and watched ALL. DAY. LONG. Isn't he cute though? Even when he's sick.

Charlie was all better on Thanksgiving. YAY! I somehow convinced Chris to put the tree up ON Thanksgiving. (I just had to promise that that was decorating it or anything until the next day). This is our second year with our fake tree. And after a brief moment of panic when we thought the lights weren't going to work (it was operator error), ta-da, they went on, and we were sold. So easy! And no needles! And no forgetting needing to water everyday! Boom.

What Thanksgiving is all about. I love Thanksgiving food. I ate this for dinner. Then breakfast  and dinner the next day. Pretty sure it was the best gravy I ever ate. I love thyme. I made the white trash broccoli casserole myself. It was damn good. If you're white trash like me. And you like broccoli. And butter. Speaking of butter. If you don't like butter (or heavy cream, or hollandaise mashed potatoes...what?) you probably don't want to come to Thanksgiving with the Drechsel's.

Day after Thanksgiving means we're allowed to decorate! Charlie got the hang of it pretty quickly. This year is going to be so fun with him!

Totally posed. Chris doesn't usually have his arm around me as we're decorating the tree! What a goof.

Once the tree was done it was time for "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" read by Dad.

Followed by our first official viewing of Elf for the season.

How was YOUR Thanksgiving? Do you have any leftovers left? I ate all ours.


  1. I just pulled out our copy of Elf tonight and will be watching it tomorrow. Best Xmas movie, ever! : )

  2. My turkey day was good! Had lots of yummy food. had the leftovers for dinner tonight :)

  3. OMG, I love that horizontal shot of the kids by the tree.

    Dude, you brought a white trash casserole to a fancy dinner where you had your own name card designating where you should sit? Where did Chris find you? ;)

  4. You are so sweet! Love your photos and happy you had such a fun Thanksgiving!
    Your tree is a beauty!

    Deborah xo

  5. I love the family photos!!! Leftovers are my FAVORITE. We still have some, I took extra cranberries and stuffing!

  6. Beautiful captures especially decorating the tree. Looks like a wonderful time with family :)

  7. Oh my the tree photo is steller. And yes, I need hollandaise mashed potatoes... oh my I need some.

  8. Ah, the christmas tree is beautiful and curious george makes everything better in our house!

  9. Great photos! Glad lil man is all better! We started the whole real tree thing last year ha. Ugh watering everyday!

  10. I LOVE your posed picture! adorable! Love the tree too!

    Elf... best Christmas movie ever!


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