and then she snapped: super random.

super random.

So first things. I announced the winner of the shabby apple giveaway. I'm pretty sure Tricia is going to get it in my size and send it to me for Christmas. : )

Next thing, thanks to everybody who voted for me as 2011 Top Blog over on the Blog Guidebook. While I'm nowhere NEAR winning (and I'm ok with that), it looks like I may have enough clicks to make it through to the second round tomorrow! (edited to say I DID make it to the next's the link for second round voting).

I also entered last year's Christmas photo in a contest over at Modern Bird Studios. I haven't asked for your votes, because, well, I HATE asking for your votes. But, if you are bored and want something else to click feel free to 'like' my photo over here. Mine is the 9th row down on the left (you remember my Abbey Road Christmas photo, right?) Anyway, the prize for this is the winning photo made into a custom art piece. I would be totally psyched to win that.
This morning I was excited to see that my photo was chosen as one of Angie and Amy's favorites at I Heart Faces. This is the second time in the history of FOREVER! I was totally excited!

I want to let you know about another photo contest I just found out about where you can win $1,000 CASH and a $500 Tiny Prints gift card. Seriously! I haven't entered yet, still trying to figure out which photo to enter, but if you want to give it a shot (haha, I crack myself up), click here. There are a bunch of different categories, so I'm sure you'll find one to enter!

Tonight we're going to some friends for dinner and I am bringing dessert. Some oreo stuffed brownies I saw on pinterest. Pretty sure pinterest is going to make me fat. Oh, and I've also been starting my Christmas wish list. What are YOU wanting for Christmas? Speaking of Christmas, I started my shopping yesterday! I got a good chunk done all at once, thanks to Amazon.

Anybody watching American Horror Story? Man I love that show.

Also, I love these guys:

Pretty sure this post has more links than any other post I've ever posted before.
If you read the whole thing you're AWESOME!


  1. random post..! :P love it..

    Good luck on the contests. i am checking out that tinyprints contest myself :)

  2. I cant wait to feel as though I can enter photo contest! Ha.

    Super cute photo & I'm with you on Christmas. I have a huge amount done and cant wait to finish!

  3. I love ya, Rachel, but you're definitely not going to be getting that dress for Christmas ... from me, at least. Need me to send the hubby an email? ;)

    I LOVE that photo! :) You have my vote!

  4. Ooh way to go Rachel. I put the monster in the Tiny Prints thingy and I think I like the card so much I am buying them... crap.

  5. I love random posts!

    I am completely addicted to pinterest. My "Recipes to Try" is out of hand.

    Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE American Horror Story. And I seriously hate anything scary. I just can't stop watching! Counting down to Wednesday.

  6. haha, RANDOM IS RIGHT! lol


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