and then she snapped: saturday night

saturday night

Heidi brought her people over for dinner tonight. And all these kids sat quietly and watched the Incredibles for about five minutes. Then they all ran around like banshees the rest of the time.


  1. OMG, when did you get this shot? Because I just remember the running around like banshees part.

    Also, the spaghetti was delish.

  2. Well, it was cute while it lasted :)
    Great picture! I can't even get my son to sit still for 5 minutes and watch tv while I'm cooking! I wish :)

  3. Such a sweet pic! So glad to know the running around like banshees part doesn't just happen at my house. :)

  4. Cute pic! Had me laughing not the pic, but the story that went with it.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. Such a sweet moment captured! And your new header looks awesome!


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