and then she snapped: Santa! I KNOW him!

Santa! I KNOW him!

I heard that Santa was hanging out at a local coffee shop this weekend so we went to see him. Charlie didn't cry (nobody did, actually), but he was kind of unsure about the whole thing. Santa asked him what he wanted for Christmas and Charlie told him he wanted a new toy car, then when we got in the car to go home he wanted to know where the hell his new car was. Apparently he was expecting instant gratification, duh, boy after my own heart! I got a couple pictures, nothing spectacular, but they serve the purpose (of going into my Santa picture photo album), and the fact that we didn't have to wait in line...AT ALL? Totally worth the spray painted eyebrows and fake beard.


  1. Love the Santa pictures! I am even a little fond of the spray painted eyebrows.

    And I LOOOOOVE the Elf reference :-)

  2. We visited Santa today, but the girls were way too shy to sit on his lap, or even next to him, so we didn't get any pictures. Santa was great, though. There was no line, so we chatted and my girls each gave him a high five. He was a super Santa, complete with a very real beard!

  3. Nice new banner too! Did someone draw that? Very pretty...

  4. So cute but your, she is gorgeous!

  5. I love santa pictures too! :)

  6. Santa already??? And nobody CRIED???WoW. Fab!

    BTW I LOVE your new header and button. I'm off to grab your new one and update my sidebar.
    Did you make/draw/design the header
    Very funky, I say.


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