and then she snapped: portland getaway

portland getaway

24 hours with no kids in Portland? Sign me up!
Chris and I had planned to celebrate our anniversary in Portland. Our anniversary was in July. But instead, we spent the  night before we were supposed to go cleaning puke up off the new carpet, so we decided to stay home and watch Camden be sick. Because that's more fun.

We finally got around to taking that anniversary trip four months later, thanks to my sister and my mom, who tag teamed watching the hooligans kids.

We ate food, went to THREE bike shops, and may have done a little shopping as well (clinique bonus time!). We may or may not have watched a movie at 7pm. In our room. Because we are partiers like that. And? We slept in, til like 7:30. 7:30 people!! Can you imagine?

First stop: Nordstrom Cafe of course! Tomato soup, half a turkey sandwich and green salad with their delicious dried cherry dressing. YUM!

Next stop: Macy's. Where Chris put his new track jacket on before we even left the store. Because he's cool like that.

Hungry headache. Fixed with a quick stop at Starbucks!

The first bike shop. (not the last)

We enjoyed our stay at the Westin.

And dinner at Fish Grotto (where neither of us ordered fish).

Mmmm, I love me a good burger, but that fry sauce? DISGUSTING.

I have a big crush on this wall at the Daily Grill in the Westin hotel.

Morning, Chris!

Mmmm, french toast.

We have no patience for your long lines, Voodoo.


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  1. Our anniversary was in July too and we celebrated last weekend too. When you have kids things get more complicated for sure. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

  2. This looks like a perfect day. Also I want to try that fry sauce. Oh and ill go vote for you!

  3. I love a good food tour; you've got your priorities straight, friend.

  4. My sister lives in Portland, just love that city! The line for Voodoo is insane!

  5. When I had kids at home, my husband and I used to love a little getaway like yours. Glad you had the opportunity and made the most of it!


  6. Movie in bed at 7... now that is my idea of a getaway!

  7. totally voted for you :) love the pics.. so much yummy food :)

  8. Looks like a good time! So much tasty food! ;) So important to get away like that.

  9. Looks like so much fun! So happy you and your husband we able to have a great anniversary trip... even if it was late! Great photos. I love the bike sign shot! :)

  10. FUN! Your pictures are great! I love Portland! We need to do a girls weekend away there.....don't you think? :-)

  11. all that food makes me hungry

  12. all that food makes me hungry

  13. that looks like the perfect getaway! Especially just for the food! :)

  14. I l-l-l-ove Portland! We were just there a couple of weeks ago and I am totally ready for another getaway :) So who got a new bike???


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