and then she snapped: It's Christmas Card Season! Woohoo!

It's Christmas Card Season! Woohoo!

If you know me AT ALL you know how I feel about Christmas cards.
If you don't know me, I'll fill you in on a little secret...I LOVE Christmas cards.

Some might say I'm slightly obsessive about them. I'm pretty particular about how they should look...they should NOT be all glossy, a matte finish looks much more professional. Luckily, Tiny Prints makes it super easy to end up with a really great card that you can send to family and friends.

You can choose your paper (I will be choosing matte, heavyweight cardstock), and you can choose square or rounded corners (I prefer the rounded). They have a TON of designs to choose from, and a lot of customization options so you won't end up with the same card as your neighbor's cat.

I like this one, because it makes your photo the focus of the card.

I like this one because of the unique shape. It seems like the circle would stand out among the sea of rectangle cards.

And this one I like for those times where you really can't choose a favorite photo or (more likely) when you can't get all of the kids to smile at the same time. I think it's important though, if you're going to do a collage type card that you make sure all of your photos are edited similarly, so the images don't compete with one another.

My only problem now is that I can't compete with the COMPLETE and TOTAL AWESOMENESS that was last year's Christmas photo. I really need a good idea for this year's photo. Anybody have an idea?

This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints. I was compensated with free holiday cards in exchange for blogging about them. If you're a blogger and you want some free cards for yourself  then head over here to request more information.


  1. We share a Christmas card obsession! I'm getting ready to do my post tonight. Good luck with the photos!!

  2. taking my picture next week! :)

  3. Lady, there is no topping last year's card. No need to try. Just have fun with it this year.

  4. You already know that I'm a Tiny Prints fiend :)

    And that pic from last year was just insane. Amazing. Perfect.

    Don't stress. I totally think you should do a family photo with those play mustaches :)

  5. Like Heidi said, you already hit it out of the park. I am stealing an idea I saw in an add for a card company and taking the pic this week. With matte paper. And rounded corners.

  6. Just found your blog! I am Christmas card obsessed as well, and recently saw a ad that reminded me of the Abbey Road album...which of course sparked the idea for an Abbey Road remake Christmas card. Thought more about it today, googled it, and saw YOUR CARD. Love, love, love it! I am totally copying since I am pretty positive our circle of friends don't overlap. Here's an easy, unique idea I used two years ago. I lined up my kids (six of them) in front of an old metal garage door. I put kids on stools and ladders so they would end up about the same height the best I could. I had them stand shoulder to shoulder looking forward except the second to the last child was whispering into the last child's ear. I ended up taking multiple shots (two kids at a time) and stitching together in photoshop elements panoramic application because I didn't have a wide enough angle lens to capture the photo. It is basically from their waist/chest up so you see no feet. I found the longest envelope I could buy and had my card printed to fit it. Along the bottom of the card I put a red stripe and then in white simple lettering it said "peace on earth....pass it on" It was just a flat card (no fold.) I had a professional printing place print it for me on heavier matte finish paper. They ended up being around .70 each which I thought was a great deal. Anyway, if you send me your address, I can maybe scrounge up an old one and mail it to you. My email is chadandlynette(at) Sorry for the long comment....

  7. I'm also obsessed with Christmas cards! I was super excited to hear about Tiny Prints offer! I applied last week but I'm curious how long it took for them to get back with you about writing your post.


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