and then she snapped: I'm in a funk(y town)

I'm in a funk(y town)

I'm in a pissy mood and have been for a couple of days. Little things have been annoying the crap out of me, and I have been mentally writing and re-writing this lengthy blog post about all of it. But then I realized that while that post may be funny (to some) for a few minutes, it's not going to make me feel any better (ok, well, actually it might), but I think instead I'm going to post about things that are awesome.

So here goes:

my husband. he's hot.
he works hard so that i get to be a stay at home mom.
except for wednesdays when i work a little.
which i enjoy.
we live in a sweet house.
in a family friendly neighborhood.
my friend katie lives down the street.
and keeps me sane. (you, me, and mike tonight, katie? 4:30?)
my family.
my girl cousins.
my sister.
the interweb.
my besties.
my old friends.
my mops friends.
my blogger friends.
my new friends from #bbcsea.
charlie sleeps well.
chris puts camden to bed every night (thank you!)
grace makes lunches and puts herself to bed every night.
so that i can play on the internet.
and blog.
and blog.

PS my new camera is arriving today!
PPS this blog is now accepting sponsors for june at discounted rates (or sponsor swaps)


  1. Mrs. Positivety!! YAY!! hehe ~ So happy for you and your new camera!!!! Surely THAT will improve your mood :-)

  2. all I saw was NEW CAMERA. squeeeee!!! hope I'm not one of the people annoying you this week. hugs and tequila.

  3. I love this. I have been in a crappy mood all day and you just reminded me to just think about all the things I love instead.

  4. I love this post! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  5. Great thoughts! Hope the positivity helps you get out of your funk!

  6. Sounds like you have tons to be thankful for.

    I was in MOPS too! For 5 years with 3 years being on steering. My last year I was just a mom and connected with 4 great friends. (This was 3 years ago.) We still go out every other month for much fun and they are awesome! :)

    Happy Tuesday. I was just in Tacoma today at the zoo with my son's 2nd grade class. :)

  7. Isn't it amazing how great life is when you write it down? And congrats on the new arrival!

  8. hope this made you feel better... and i'm envious.. no one makes lunch and puts themselves to bed in this house... no one!!!!!

  9. snaps for the new camera, AND for seeing the positives :)

  10. This is super sweet, Lady. So happy to have seen you this morning for yummy breakfast. Has new camera arrived yet? I think I will name her for you. Henceforth your camera will be known as... Marlene.

  11. I think it's pretty awesome that even though you've been having a bad few days and are in a funk that you chose to blog about the positive things in your life. I think that is the right way to turn your mood around.

  12. Gah. I know how you feel. I have been in such a bad mood the last couple of days.

    It's nice to see that you decided to take a positive stance. I should try this. =D

  13. Yay! May you always be positive :)

  14. Awww! I love this! So glad I am getting to know your blog! It's so great you can focus on the positive when you're in a funk, I am not good at that at ALL.

  15. I need to do a list like this - love it!

  16. Things that you are thankful for always make you feel better. Good thinking and good timing!


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